Show AIDS the Red Card

Show AIDS the Red Card Poster

Show AIDS the Red Card Poster

During the summer of 2010, Audrey Bennett worked with a small group of students from KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana to explore their understanding of AIDS prevention as well as successful local campaigns. Their participatory design session resulted in the poster above titled “Show AIDS the red card” that reflects the World Cup soccer competition that was taking place at the same time as her workshop. To read about the poster, visit:

The Red Card

The Red Card

Summer 2011, she designed preliminary prototypes of the red card that includes a novel text messaging service developed by Rensselaer science and technology studies graduate student and NSF Triple Helix Fellow David Banks who is studying cellphone usage in Ghana. Read more about the technical development of the cellphone service for HIV/AIDS prevention in Ghana via John Licato’s blog. John Licato is a computer science student hired to do the technical research and programming of the cellphone service. The red card helps Ghanaians find out where to get condoms in Kumasi and where to get HIV tested in Kumasi. Tell us about a condom provider or HIV testing facility in Kumasi or the Ashanti Region.

Condom Machine Information Graphics

Condom Machine Information Graphics

She also contributed instructional graphics for Fellow David Banks’ research on the use of a condom machine in Ghana to deter the further spread of HIV and AIDS.

Resources on HIV/AIDS in Ghana

Resources on cellphone usage for fighting HIV/AIDS:


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  2. Great Graphics!

  3. The piece of work is good especially the societal problem that it addresses .
    The graphic design concept of Adinkra symbols make it very fit for the Ghanaian culture.
    On a whole I think it’s a good work.

  4. Nkrumah Emmanuel

    woow… This a nice project and will benefit the people of Ghana the more.

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