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The Baohouse team comprises permanent and temporary staff with one thing in common: A burning desire to right social wrongs. If you are a social justice advocate, then apply to be a Baohouse intern. Qualified candidates should:

  • Be studying or pursuing a degree in communication design or a related field (e.g. human-computer interaction, information design, computing, etc…).
  • Be able to demonstrate proven artistic and creative ability through the presentation of a design portfolio.
  • Possess extensive technical experience with the Adobe Creative Suite; web-design and content management software (e.g. WordPress); communication technologies for asynchronous and synchronous interaction (e.g. email, Skype)
  • Possess familiarity, but not necessarily fluency, with web-programming language (e.g. HTML, CSS, etc…)
  • Possess a desire and ability to learn new software as needed quickly.
  • Understand user-centered research methodologies and ethics.
  • Be available to work at least 20 hours a week.
  • Be fluent in English and have strong English writing skills.
  • Have a source of funding since this is an unpaid internship.
  • Have a problem-solving mentality and work well independently and within a team.


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Requirements needed to receive college credit or a visa:

Tell me about yourself. Include information about the college you are attending and your major.

What are your design strengths and weaknesses?

List your technical skills.

Describe a project that you worked on independently from beginning to end.

Describe a problem that solved independently.

What are your future career goals?

Describe a vision that you have for your future, the future of your discipline, or the future of the world.

Why do you want to intern at Baohouse?

How did you hear about Baohouse?

Do you plan to relocate to the United States for the duration of the internship?

Do you have funding? If so, does it cover airfare and/or accommodations?

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Link to your digital portfolio

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