17:25 (USA) | 8:25 (AUSTRALIA): Food Information: The Empty, Ignored Eater
and the Battle for Real Estate by David Sless, CEO, Communication 
Research Institute, Australia


14:15 (USA) | 20:15 (SOUTH AFRICA): Food Technology and Packaging 
Design: Taking African Food Culture into the Global Space by 
Dr. Victoria A. Jideani, Associate Professor, Department of Food 
Technology, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
15:35 (New York, USA) | 15:35 (Virginia, USA): GIS in Pursuit of Food 
History by Dr. Gabriella M. Petrick, Associate Professor, Department of 
Nutrition and Food Studies and Department of History and Art History, 
George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States


16:55 (New York, USA) | 14:55 (Texas, USA): Rethinking Food Recall 
Communications for Consumers by Clinton C. Carlson, Assistant Professor, 
Department of Design and Whitney O. Peake, Assistant Professor, 
Department of Management, University of North Texas, United States
16:25 (USA) | 21:25 (UK): Redesigning the Atlantic Diet: Researching the 
Consumption of Seaweed in the Azores Islands by Sónia Matos, Ph.D., 
Visiting Scholar and Research Affiliate, MIT's Art, Culture and 
Technology Program, USA and Lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art Evolution 
House, Scotland, United Kingdom
15:05 (USA) | 21:05 (NETHERLANDS): Mapping Edible Aroids by Karin Vaneker
and Erwin Slaats, Independent Researchers, The Netherlands


Meet Your Food – Empowering the User by Redesigning Nutritional Standards and Guidelines by Carolina Robertson Prego Cadaval, Marcela Checa, and Sabina Popin, Industrial Designer, Australia

Introducing Food Experience Design in the Food Studies Curriculum by Sonia Massari, Post-doc researcher, Professor, Department of Communication Science, Università degli studi di Siena, Italy

Design for Reasonable Online Reading: Ethics for Sustainable Commerce by Yiyun Zha, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, Finland