You are invited to submit a full or poster paper proposal on a topic related to the conference theme for synchronous or asynchronous presentation on October 27, 2010. The theme of GLIDE’10 is the facilitation, consequences, and challenges of cross-cultural collaboration—like participatory or user-/human-centered design—in indigenous and underserved communities and the effect of such on human/user experience.

Step 1

Determine how your research fits into the theme of GLIDE’10.

Step 2

Submit a 500-word abstract in pdf or word format by March 15, 2010 online at You will have to create a user account first. Then, follow the instructions for making a submission; or, follow these visual instructions: SUBMISSIONS TUTORIAL.

Step 3

If your abstract makes the first cut, use the reviewers comments received April 15 to develop the first draft paper proposal by June 15. If poster paper abstract is accepted, use reviewer comments to develop a camera-ready poster 11 x 17 inches.

Step 4

Submit, by June 15, the first draft of your full or poster paper proposal online at

Step 5

If the first draft of your full paper, discussion and review proposals make the second cut, use reviewers’ comments received July 15 to develop final draft proposal.

Step 6

Submit final draft of your full or poster paper proposal by September 15, 2010. Email it to Audrey Bennett at

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