About GLIDE’10

GLIDE is both a biennial, virtual conference that disseminates cutting-edge research on global interaction in design and an evolving design research hub–a one-of-a-kind resource for those who seek pedagogical and technical strategies for global interaction and collaboration in their professional design or design-related courses or work.

GLIDE’s virtual conference format bridges cultural and geographic divides in an eco-friendly way. The conference takes place in October of even years and features cutting-edge research in the following formats:

  • Refereed full papers
  • Refereed poster papers

In even years, designers within the global design community are invited to submit proposals on topics related to the conference’s theme for presentation at a one-day, virtual conference in October.

In odd years, designers within the global design community are invited to submit reviews of books, conferences, software, and technologies on topics related to the advancement of design globally for GLIDE’s ongoing blog and documentation of design work related to advocacy for display in GLIDE’s gallery.

003.bennettAudrey Bennett is editor of Design Studies: Theory and Research in Graphic Design published August 2006 by Princeton Architectural Press. She’s published journal articles in Design Issues, Visible Language, and the Journal of Design Research. She delivered a keynote presentation on case study research at the 2007 AIGA Intent/Content conference.


blair-150x150Adream Blair (co-Chair) recently moved from teaching Digital Design at the University of Cincinnati to teaching Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she is working to develop cross-disciplinary design research initiatives. Her research interests include developing principles of interaction and digital wayfinding as well as exploring the role of design in addressing information poverty and the visualization of medical information for non-English speaking audiences. Her research has been presented at both the national and international levels, and her work was included in the most recent DesignIssues publication.

gloria-glide101-1Gloria Gomez 
is a visual and interaction designer and her expertise mainly contributes to the advancement of educational research and practice. Gloria has worked in multidisciplinary projects in Colombia, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Through these experiences, she has developed research interests in and writes in multiple areas, including user-centred design research, childhood, and adult education, e-learning and instruction. She has a Ph.D. in Design from the Swinburne University of Technology and currently is an Educational Designer at the University of Otago.

michele1Michele Washington—designer, educator and design historian—has written numerous articles on the contributions of African Americans to design, from the Harlem Renaissance to today. She is currently writing a book on Georg Olden, a 2007 AIGA Medalist and will deliver a keynote presentation on his pioneering work in the 1950s and ’60s at AIGA Next.

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