Design Your Future (DYF)

Design Your Future

Click on image above to see gallery of student work from DYF.

Design Your Future (DYF) is a Baohouse youth workshop funded by the Coalition to Diversity Computing. It introduces youth to careers in STEM like computer science and math. Our experience has been that graphic art is one of the few topics that is able to draw middle and high school youth to after-school workshops. So we use it to teach them essential math and computing skills. We train them using interactive images from Ron Eglash’s Culturally-Situated Design Tools website and other culturally-engaging interactive images that we develop. In the workshop, Rensselaer students and Baohouse representatives collaborate to supervise, mentor, and teach up to 5 youth participants math with culturally-engaging images. Future DYF workshops run for five days, three hours a day, and take place at a local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Timeline of DYF Workshops


  • July 9-August 10: “Design Your Future,” Troy Boys and Girls Club, New York. With an accompanying exhibition of student work on February 18, 2013 at the Troy Boys and Girls Club.
  • June 25: “Design Your Future: Merging Math, Art, Computing, and Social Justice with CSDTs” Partners in the Arts’ Joan Oates Institute, University of Richmond, Virginia.
  • March 1-4: “STEM Education from Life: Design, Art, Computing, and Social Justice,” 2012 NAEA National Convention: Emerging Perspectives, Connecting Teaching, Learning, and Research, Hilton Hotel, New York City.
  • February 18: “Mathematics of Braiding (Children’s Program),” Mocada: Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art, Brooklyn, New York.


  • February 21-25: “Design Your Future,” Arts Center, Troy, New York


  • June 28-August 20: “Design Your Future,” Albany Boys and Girls Club, New York


  • October: “Design Your Future,” Troy Boys and Girls Club, New York

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