Diversifying STEM

Baohouse LLC offers the following computational art workshops within the local community of Troy, New York, the broader Capital Region of Upstate New York, and New York City:

  • CS4HS @ RPI: By simulating indigenous and vernacular cultural arts with the math and programmable versions of Culturally-Situated Design Tools, high school art teachers, and their students learn to create algorithms that they then use to make physical art. CS4HS @ RPI is a one-day workshop that occurs in the summer on the RPI campus and continues in a two-week session in local high school art classrooms. CS4HS @ RPI is funded by Google. Click here for more information including access to “Algorhythms” an online exhibition of student artwork generated from the workshop.
  • Transformational Art and Math Strategies in Indigenous CultureThis workshop trains art and math teachers to use the math version of the Cornrow Curves and Virtual Beadloom CSDTs, software that is openly accessible via the internet. There is hands-on practice to simulate arts of various world cultures and their mathematical basiswhich includes transformational geometry concepts (translation, dilation, rotation, and reflection) and the Cartesian coordinate system. This workshop is offered at the annual NYSATA conference (sometimes under the title “Diversifying STEM with Generative Play”). An iteration of this workshop was sponsored by United Federation of Teachers and occurred at their headquarters in New York City.
  • Design Your Future:  Our experience has been that graphic design is one of the few topics that can draw middle and high school youth to after-school workshops. So, we use it to teach them essential computing skills and introduce them to careers in computing. Participants use the math version of the Culturally-Situated Design Tools to simulate indigenous and vernacular cultural art. Design Your Future brings together Rensselaer undergraduate and graduate students and youth participants to creatively explore the interaction of math and art. Design Your Future workshops have been conducted at the local Boys and Girls Clubs in Troy, NY and Albany, NY; The Joan Oates Institute, University of Richmond, Virginia;  Mocada: Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art, Brooklyn, New York; and The Arts Center, Troy, New York. Design Your Future has received funding from the Coalition to Diversity Computing.

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