Faculty Collaborators:
Ron Eglash, Departments of Science and Technology Studies and Computer Science
Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Department of Computer Science
Fatima Cassim, University of Pretoria, South Africa (Children’s Health, South Africa)
Marguerite Botha, University of Pretoria, South Africa  (Children’s Health, South Africa)

Staff Collaborators:
William Babbitt, Post-Doc (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)

Adream Blair (GLIDE’10-’12)
Gloria Gomez (GLIDE’10-’12)
Muthoni Kimani (GLIDE’12)
Michele Washington (GLIDE’08-’12)

Doctoral Students:
David Banks (Red Card)
Brian Callahan (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
Michael Lachney (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
John Licato (Red Card)
Ray Lutzky (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Marie Rarieya (Act Now)
Dylan Rees (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)

Masters Students:
Sarah Diodato (Act Now)
Angelo Gaetano (Act Now)
Mark Oppenneer (GLIDE)

Undergraduate Students:
Laura Antoniello (Social Media Marketing)
Zac Autio (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Melissa Batalin (GLIDE)
Joe Brust (Act Now)
Jesse Cline (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Mackenzie Clippard (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
Joyce Edwards (Act Now)
Kim Gomboz (GLIDE)
Andy Lao (Social Media Marketing)
Ashlee Lindo (GLIDE)
Rajas Nagpurkar (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
Natalie Semczuk (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Laura Sherman (Act Now)
Kelly Singco (GLIDE)
Donna Tytko (Act Now)
Carla Voorhees (Act Now)

High School Students:
Marcel Bennett (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Moriah Harling (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
Jamie Park (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)
Jonathan Ward (Diversifying STEM Ed, DYF)
Kimi Wenzel (Diversifying STEM Ed, CS4HS)

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