My research interest in user interaction with images that address problems in global society influences my teaching philosophy. For the past 18 years I’ve been advocating for the inclusion of user research methods in the design process that begins in the classroom. The fruits of my labor include the following publications and pedagogical innovations that have garnered national and international recognition:

  • An edited collection titled Design Studies: Theory and Research in Graphic Design and published by Princeton Architectural Press
  • An edited collection titled Icograda Design Education Manifesto 2011
  • A pedagogical tool titled Design Lab Book: Teaching Collaborative Designing with Empirical Inquiry
  • A biennial, virtual conference titled GLIDE (Global Interaction in Design Education) for which I received funding from the educators’ community of the AIGA, the professional association of design and the National Science Foundation Career Campaign Award to launch the inaugural conference in 2008.

Below are the courses that I teach and have taught that engage students in research or praxis on image development. I provide syllabi and/or online access to course websites for my recent courses. Click on the name of the class to visit the password-protected website or “syllabus” to read about the course content. To gain entry to the course website, please contact me at bennett at rpi dot edu.

Current Courses 

Past Courses

  • IHSS/STS  PDI, Studio 1: Visualization (undergraduate)
  • STS Design, Culture, and Society (undergraduate)
  • C&M Intermediate Visual Communication (undergraduate)
  • C&M Introduction to Visual Communication (undergraduate)
  • C&M Professional Presentations (undergraduate)
  • C&M Publication Practicum (graduate + undergraduate)

Independent Studies

  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Advanced Typography
  • Advanced Visual Literacy
  • Bookmaking: Storytelling and Design | syllabus
  • Capstone
  • Communication Art
  • Critical Literacy and Pedagogy (graduate)
  • Cultural Design
  • Cultural Design Pedagogy
  • Design Mentoring | syllabus
  • Design Pedagogy
  • Design Standards, Undergraduate Research Project
  • Directed Research (graduate)
  • EMAC Capstone
  • EMAC Thesis
  • Font Design
  • Graphic Design History
  • Graphic Design Pedagogy
  • Graphic Design Project (graduate)
  • Information Design
  • Marketing Communication
  • Media Representations of Islam
  • Motion Typography
  • Package Design
  • Portfolio Design
  • Readings in Typography
  • Readings on Visual Rhetoric (graduate)
  • Type Design I | syllabus
  • Type Design II | syllabus
  • Type Pedagogy
  • Typographic Branding | syllabus
  • Typography and Technology
  • Visual Communication
  • Visualization