Design Mentoring

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this independent study, you will provide constructive criticism to students enrolled in a design class.

COURSE TEXT: The required reading(s) for this independent study are the same required readings for the design course.

LEARNING OUTCOMES AND ASSESSMENT MEASURES: Upon completion of this independent study, you will be able to critique student work objectively and constructively.  I will evaluate you on your ability to achieve the following milestone:

MILESTONE 1: Attend all class sessions and be prepared to participate in discussions of reading and critiques of student work-in-progress. Your feedback to students should aid in their understanding of the visualization and design principles, strategies, and techniques conferred by the instructor and required readings. You will meet expectations for this milestone when you attend and participate in all class sessions or miss only one or two classes. You will fail to meet expectations for this milestone with three or more absences. Being late 3 times by 15 minutes or over will constitute an unexcused absence. Leaving early or taking a break from class for more than 15 minutes will also constitute an unexcused absence.


YOU WILL EARN AN “P” in the course if you meet expectations for Milestone 1.

YOU WILL EARN AN “F” in the course if you fail to meet expectations for Milestone 1.

COURSE POLICIES: Your absence is officially excused only when I receive a message from the Student Experience office. E-mail or call x8022 to get your absence officially excused. Please note that I am required to give you an EWS for excessive latenesses, absences, or poor quality work. If you have questions about your grade at any time during the semester, please contact me immediately by email.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Student–teacher relationships are built on trust. For example, you must trust that I have made appropriate decisions about the structure and content of the course; and, I must trust that the assignments that you turn in are your own. Acts that violate this trust undermine the educational process. The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities defines various forms of academic dishonesty and you should make yourself familiar with these.